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Sebtech at Customers

  • Reliable asset inventory tracking;
  • Electronically map critical data sources;
  • Risk management associated with renting assets;
  • Integration into financial, asset register, procurement, vendors;
  • Develop / customize additional asset tracking and management requirements;
  • Provide expertise and consulting services;
  • Support Absolute Products ( ) Africa:
    • OEM’s: Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc
    • Intel on their new API chipset
  • Provide SW to Absolute Software Corporation;
  • Provide SW to NetTrack International (Swiss Company).

Why are we successful?

Unique approach through experience!

  • Centrally managed inventory data base
  • Process driven inventory data management
  • Integrated inventory data
  • Missing / lost / unaccounted assets methodology
  • Automated data set linking
  • Clear discrepancy management
  • Web front-end access to authorised users