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Computrace Technology Platform

Remote client server architecture

  • A tiny agent (initiates call) linked to a central Monitoring Centre;
  • Low level agent, clandestine, irremovable, BIOS persistent;
  • Communication Protocol – HTTP i.e. not LAN or WAN specific;
  • All data transfer is encrypted and secure (RC4);
  • Daily communication, designed for ultra low bandwidth environment;
  • Monitoring Centre has the ability to update agent versions remotely.

Simplicity & Flexibility

Absolute Software Corp.

Absolute are the world leader in Computer Theft Recovery and Secure Asset Tracking

Own the patented brand - Computrace©

  • Founded 1993 / Listed NYSE, CNQ
  • Over 4,700 Blue Chip Customers
  • 3 Host partners - NetTrace
  • Relationships with major OEM’s
  • Development Teams / NetTrace
  • Exciting new releases, Geolocation, GPS Tracking
Sebtech Tracking

Absolute OEM Partners

The following is a list of all the BIOS enabled machines currently available with Computrace Software embedded. New machines are added on a regular basis, if there is a particular machine / model you are interested in, please be sure to ask a representative. For older machines or machines not listed below, a BIOS Flash may be available – your sales representative will be able to advise you on the models.

Sebtech Tracking

Computrace Persistence

Agent Loading Sequence Sebtech Tracking