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Sebtech Modules

Customers requirements initially start with one or two Sebtech modules and expand!

  • Sebtech Asset Tracking *
  • Software Tracking *
  • Hardware Tracking Servers *
  • Hardware Tracking Netbook / Blackberry / Windows Mobile
  • Asset Scanning
  • RFID Integration
  • Computer Theft Tracking & Recovery
  • Computer Data Delete *

Sebtech Rental Manager

Specialised service integrated into RentWorks - continually links rental contract data to field asset data, automatically.

Rental Manager Includes:

  • Hardware Tracking – Windows/Mac/Linux – Laptop/Desktop/Netbook
  • Rental Data Integration
  • Rental Approval / Asset Procurement

All Managed Service Modules Include:

  • Data Import and Matching for User Data/Cost Centre Data
  • Customisable Automated Mail Reports
  • Unlimited Access to Customer Centre