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Automatically Linking Data

  • Asset Management
  • Informed decisions
  • Accurate allocation
  • Standardisation
  • Monitored costs
  • Real-time audit
Sebtech Tracking

Scanning Technology Platform

WEB application / server architecture

  • A light WEB application linked to a central Monitoring Centre;
  • Utilize any scanning protocol: USB scanner, Wireless LAN, GPRS;
  • Data transfer is secure;
  • Unlimited access, designed for volume use and dispersed environment;
  • Monitoring Centre centrally hosted, real-time data linking.

Simplicity & Flexibility

Sebtech Tracking

WEB - Scanning

Click here to view an example.

Computrace Technology Platform

Remote client server architecture

  • A tiny agent (initiates call) linked to a central Monitoring Centre;
  • Low level agent, clandestine, irremovable, BIOS persistent;
  • Communication Protocol – HTTP i.e. not LAN or WAN specific;
  • All data transfer is encrypted and secure (RC4);
  • Daily communication, designed for ultra low bandwidth environment;
  • Monitoring Centre has the ability to update agent versions remotely.

Simplicity & Flexibility

Auto-Discovered Data

Location data points

  • Local date and time
  • Phone number
  • Local IP address
  • Proxy IP address
  • MAC address
  • Date
  • Time

User Information

  • ESN
  • User name
  • PC name
  • E-mail address


  • PC make*
  • PC model*
  • PC serial number*
  • Processor type
  • Processor speed
  • Hard disk size
  • Hard disk space available
  • Hard disk serial number (for SMART-enabled hard
  • disks only)
  • Hard drive summary
  • RAM
  • BIOS version†
  • BIOS date†

Can be collected automatically during a LAN installation on DMI-compliant PCs.
Can be collected automatically when using a NT/2000 operating system and DMI compliant 9x operating system.

Level II Asset Data

Additional Hardware

  • Monitor manufacturer
  • Monitor Type
  • Monitor refresh rate
  • Video device description
  • Video device resolution
  • Video display color depth
  • CD-ROM/DVD-ROM description
  • Removable drives description
  • Modem description
  • Modem speed rating (if available)
  • Networking device description
  • Second processor information
  • Printer Name
  • Printer Driver
  • Printer Port
  • Printer Attributes
  • Printer Server Name
  • Printer Share Name


  • Operating system
  • Service packs for operating systems
  • Software title
  • Software version
  • Software description
  • Software company name
  • Virus protection title
  • Virus protection version
  • Virus protection definition title
  • Virus protection definition date

Audit Service

Unique Differentiators:

  • Cost effective unique methodology
  • Data continually maintained, (electronic for computers, other assets scanned) integrated into business process;
  • Referencing to data sources – HR, FAR, Network info, etc.;
  • Consolidate lease / financial information to audit data;
  • Microsoft Audits (Authorised);
  • Simple and cost effective ongoing audit data;
  • Management reports ensure efficient utilisation of asset base into future.

Customer Centre – define search

Click here to view an example.

Discrepancy Management

Click here to view an example.

Example – Account Status Report

*****Get from George

Business Process Implementation

  • Order Manager
  • Installation Manager
  • IMAC Tool (Web)
  • Lease Manager
  • Cost Centre billing
  • Exchange Manager
  • Location Mapping
  • HR Mapping
  • Risk Reporting
Sebtech Tracking

Where SEBTECH Fits

Configuration Management

Network Management

  • Tivoli (Maximo)
  • CA Unicentre

Desktop Management

  • Microsoft SCCM
  • Intel (LANDesk)
  • Novell (ZEN Works)
  • Track-IT (Blue Ocean)
  • Altiris
  • GASP
  • Centennial

Remote Management

  • Callisto (Orbiter)
  • Novadigm (Radia)
Sebtech Tracking  

IT Asset Management

Financial Focus

  • Peregrine
  • Tally Systems
  • Remedy
  • HEAT
  • iSafe
  • PreWorx

All Config & IT Asset Management tools have inventory components

Business Deliverables

Automated asset tracking and data matching = Risk Management

  • Informed decisions
  • Assess losses
  • Capitalise on financial benefits of accurate AM
  • Truly ascertain and measure TCO
  • Reduce security risks - minimise theft

A real cost effective “working” solution!

Importance of Inventory data

Asset Inventory Data:

  • Data collected electronically and continuously (costly and unreliable for manual intervention);
  • Data collection cannot affect business process and performance;
  • Limited interferences for users & business;
  • Historic data needs to be available;
  • Relevance of data critical, match asset to user, user to cost centre, to financial assets, etc;
  • Set business conditions / rules to trigger alerts or notifications.

Success factors for reliable, accurate inventory data

Accurate Inventory = Asset (Lifecycle) Management

Technology Differentiators

NetTraces’ unique value

  • Managed Service Provider Model – (In-house Server Option)
    • A fraction of the cost – no servers, databases, personnel, etc.
  • Simplicity and flexibility
    • Rapid automated installation and rollout
    • Zero user intervention / knowledge – hands free
    • Remote – updates, upgrades, product/service activation
    • Web-based technology for viewing information
    • Ideal for complex and distributed environments
    • Immediate results and payback - no business process interference/integration
  • Remote tracking
    • Tracks inside and outside the corporate firewall
  • Secure tracking
    • Irremovable (BIOS), Persistent, Accurate, Stealthy
  • Lease / financial tracking - (Developed solution for managing financial risk)