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Virtual Telecommunications complete focus is to provide our clients with efficient, cost effective communications solutions. Virtual Telecommunications offers a "one stop" solution including a range of least cost routing, mobile and future technology solutions. We understand the unique challenges of the industry, and have a history of success in meeting these challenges. Virtual Telecommunications dedicated technical team ensures immediate on-site problem response and resolution.

Virtual Telecommunications provides state-of-the-art:

  • SMS solutions (VSMS)
  • SMS imaging solutions (VImage)
  • VoIP solutions (Voice over IP)
  • Short Code management solutions (competition lines etc.)
  • Wireless networking solutions


VSMS is a product to make it easier for a company to communicate to their database in an easy and direct method. One of the main reasons why sms’s are such a powerful method of communication is that a sms will be read 97% percent of the time before being deleted of a cellular phone thus making it one of the most successful communication methods to date.


  1. VSMS provides full reporting on all sms’s sent, delivered and not delivered.
  2. VSMS can be modified to integrate with an existing database platform.
  3. VSMS can change the display name of the sms being sent thus displaying a name and not a long tedious number on the receiving handset
  4. VSMS can send a sms that displays automatically without a touch of a button, we call it a popup sms


VImage was developed with one focus in mind. A picture says a thousand words. VImage allows users to load pictures with descriptions onto a web site and making it at the same time accessible for people to view on their cellular devices.


  • Creates a much more effective sales technique by using imaging
  • No more expensive advertising costs for printing space.
  • Automatically sales leads are created of people that are interested in the owner’s products
  • Now advertising is possible everywhere and anywhere.
  • Images and listings can be updated from anywhere at any time.
  • Radio and print advertising can be used more effectively by enhancing with the VImage product.
  • Infiltrating the information highway without the requirement of a pc on the potential buyer’s side.


Voice over Internet Protocol, also called VoIP, IP Telephony, Internet telephony, Broadband telephony, Broadband Phone and Voice over Broadband is the routing of voice over the Internet or through any other IP-based network.

Cost savings are due to utilizing a single network to carry voice and data. They can use such capacity for VoIP at no additional cost. VoIP to VoIP phone calls are free, whilst VoIP to landline and mobile calls generally costs the VoIP user a reduced rate.


Virtual Telecommunications provides premium rated short code numbers to provide some of the following solutions:
Voting: Viewers participate in their favorite program through sms voting. This includes reality TV Shows, news programs and favorite radio songs.
SMS and Win: Subscribers enter competitions by sending a message or keyword to a premium number and receive a confirmation in return.
Polls and surveys: Participants respond to polls, and results are tallied either in real time or after the poll is completed.
Product information: Encouraged by an ad or information on the product itself, participants send a text message to a
premium number to receive more information.


Virtual Telecommunications have seen that one of the biggest needs in South Africa is connectivity especially in areas where other networks do not have coverage as well as areas targeted with cable theft.

Virtual Telecommunications are providing meshed networks in areas especially gated communities to provide
telecommunication services i.e.: internet access, voice over IP as well as Video surveillance solutions over a wireless
internet platform.

CONTACT US today to see which solution from the bundle of Virtual Telecommunications services will suite your needs.

VSMS  |  VImage  |  VFax  |  VoIP