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To be No. 1 digital printing and document management solutions company in Africa

Sebtech was founded by George Sebulela (Chairman), a renowned professional and an entrepreneur who teamed up with Alan Fung (Non- Executive Director) and Dr Mpho Sehunoe (Non –Executive Director).

Sebtech has positioned itself to be the No.1 digital printing and document management solutions provider through a partnership with large manufacturers and importers of office equipment.

Having noticed that a print management solution has always been one business area that has been ignored, we decided to form a focused print management solutions company. The key decision makers of companies, such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers and Procurement Officers no longer prefer to acquire hardware equipment for replacement or upgrade purposes, but they want business solutions that reduce costs, are efficient and add value to their working environments.

Sebtech approaches the market differently by replacing the traditional printing equipment with print management solutions to suit clients’ needs.

We seek to create a presence in the digital printing services in Africa, and we will soon be one of the most recognised names in the market.

I therefore invite the companies and government institutions that are interested in reducing printing management costs, to get in touch with us.

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